I am a PhD Candidate in the Murray Lab at the Duke University Marine Lab. I am broadly interested in coastal ecosystems and communities, particularly the relationships between local ecological knowledge, science, and social-ecological change. My research largely focuses on the processes by which decisions are made in fishery governance and coastal management, and the implications those processes have for coastal communities. I primarily draw from fields of political ecology and critical human geography in my work.

My dissertation research focuses on knowledge integration into salmon fishery governance on the west coast of Vancouver Island B.C. I conduct the research with the persmission and collaboration of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations and Ha'oom Fishing Society. I am also engaged in research projects regarding social values and narratives of oyster aquaculture in North Carolina, and in developing equity assessments for coastal restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.


Before becoming an interdisciplenary social scientist, I was trained in intertidal ecology at Oregon State University. Through research experiences where I worked with multiple stakeholders and local communities, my interests expanded to include the human dimensions of coastal systems. 

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