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I am building a career in pursuit of a sustainable future for coastal communities. I am curious about the processes of environmentally responsible and socially just development and management in coastal social ecological systems. In my research, I study the intersections of social, ecological, and economic dimensions of fisheries development and coastal management.

In June 2016, I graduated from Oregon State University with an Honors BS in Biology with a Marine Biology focus and an Honors BA in International Studies. Outside of class, I engaged in marine ecology research of rocky intertidal systems and developed an independent research project studying gooseneck barnacles, the target of a newly emerging fishery in the Pacific Northwest. My research developed into my undergraduate thesis, which in turn evolved into a collaborative project between multiple stakeholders on the Oregon coast to establish a sustainable, scientifically informed and community supported fishery. Additionally, I helped lead the student campaign OSU Divest, an activism-based project demanding OSU remove their investments in fossil fuels and redistribute those funds in investments supporting a sustainable future through environmental and social justice and renewable energy technology. In the fall of 2017, I began pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD in Marine Science and Conservation at Duke University under the guidance of Dr. Grant Murray.

In my free moments, I revel in creativity and getting outside. I have a thing for books. And plants. And sunshine. And art. And music. And food. I love to cook and to eat. I enjoy loosing myself in a good novel, and I can spend hours drawing. I run enough that most of my friends think I'm crazy. My hiking boots are well worn, and I hunger for mountain backpacking trips. I never pass up an opportunity to get my feet in the sand and play in the waves when near a beach. I love an exciting adventure, usually planned last minute. I coach kids soccer and volunteer in education and environmental restoration projects in my community. I dedicate time to intersectional environmental justice activism. I envision a future of environmental responsibility and social justice through a movement for change fueled by people instead of institutions, and I believe science plays a key role in that process.


PhD Student 

Marine Science & Conservation 

Duke University Marine Laboratory

Political Ecology of Coastal Fisheries