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I am a PhD candidate of Marine Science and Conservation at the Duke University Marine Lab.

My research explores knowledge, values, equity, and power in fisheries governance and coastal management through political ecology and critical human geography. 

Recent Features

Duke Graduate School names Julia a winner of the 2023
Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching


Makeup & Muckboots: Navigating Femininity in the Field.
Personal essay featured on She Explores Podcast and Blog


Duke Forum for Scholars and Publics welcomes Julia as the
2021 - 2022 Anne Firor Scott Graduate Fellow in Public Scholarship

Interview on episode 2 of Seas the Day podcast by Duke Marine Lab 


Selected Publications

Bingham, J.A., Milne, S., Murray, G., and Dorward, T. (2021). Knowledge mobilization and coproduction in First Nations’ Coho salmon fisheries management. Frontiers in Marine Science.

Koop, B., Davidson, W., Bernatchez, L., Beacham, T., Bendriem, N., Berseth, V., Bingham, J., Chan, M., Matthews, R., Milne, S., Murray, G., Sumaila, R., and Yáñez, J.M. (2021). “Coho Genomics: Conservation, Production, Management & Communities.” Available at: 

Fairbanks, L., Campbell, L.M., Murray, G., Stoll, J., D’Anna, L., and Bingham, J. (2021). From Blue Economy to Blue Communities: reorienting aquaculture expansion for community wellbeing. Marine Policy. 124: 104361.

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